Meet the Team
  1. Executive Director
    Julian Davis
    Jules is the Owner and Director of Davcon. A fourth-generation builder, he is passionate about rugby coaching and likes to fish when he gets a chance.
  2. Executive Director
    Roger Mosley
    Roger Mosley, our 2IC, has been building for eighteen years with Davcon for six of them. His interests are beer, meat and rugby coaching.
  3. Executive Director
    Josh Woods
    Site Foreman
    Josh has been with Davcon for five and a half years and is one of our Senior Foreman. In his spare time he likes hunting and fishing and dining out with his wife.
  4. Executive Director
    Adam Bradey
    Senior Builder
    Adam has been with us for six years and is one of our Foreman. He plays Rugby for Havelock North, as well as playing basketball and going surfing in his spare time.
  5. Executive Director
    Dion Wagg
    Dion has been with Davcon for two years and became a qualified builder a year ago after his 5 year apprenticeship. He likes to surf on weekends.
  6. Executive Director
    Reuben Watts
    Reuben has been building for 5 years and enjoys the great outdoors, drinking beer, surfing and summer barbeques.
  7. Executive Director
    Hayden Percy
    Hayden is also a qualified cabinet maker and just came second at International Championships for sailing Paper Tiger Catamarans.
  8. Executive Director
    Julie Huckson
    Accounts Manager
    Julie has just completed a graduate diploma in accounting. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, doing yoga, swimming and reading.
  9. Executive Director
    Kelly Davis
    Jules' wife Kelly is the Office Manager. They have 3 boys Louis 9, Felix 7 and Rocco 7. Meditation, yoga and music keep her sane.